Enjoy a Cashback of 5% on Transaction Fee!

With 2022 ending on a darker note with inflation rising to its peak, commoners were left stranded with higher fuel, energy and food prices. With the price of milk in the off-licence shops rising from 99p to £1.29, shortage of eggs in supermarkets, restaurant food prices being upped by 15% and all sorts of price increases, the cost of living for the common man has shot up exponentially.

With all of the above, it can be said that 2023 has not started on a good note. Energy price guarantee is expected to last for 6 months only. When that period ends, people are faced with the nightmare of hiked energy prices. With war in Ukraine getting extended infinitely, the world economy is on the verge of collapse.

In such an environment, can one see a ray of hope?
The answer is YES.


We empathise with our customers. You work so hard to earn money to meet your needs and to be able to transfer to Nigeria to help your loved ones. We feel you should get some relief from the inflation that is all around. With this in mind, we plan to give back something to you.

KMoney is cutting back on its profits to give its hard working and loyal customers a cashback of 5% of the total fee paid. The cashback applies to all the transfers with a non-zero fee.

How Cashback works?

When you wish to transfer money to Nigeria, you just open the KMoney app or website. You initiate a transfer on the KMoney app or website and pay for the remittance. Once the transfer is complete, that is, once the beneficiary receives the money in his/her Nigerian Bank Account, 5% of the transfer fee you have paid will be transferred back to your Wallet.

How Cashback works?
Am I eligible for the Cashback?

Yes. All our customers who have completed the Registration and uploaded their photo ID are eligible for the cashback.

No. The cashback is offered on the fee that you pay us. Thus, the amount you transfer does not matter.

If the discount code is 100% fee off, then you will not receive any cashback as the fee you are paying us is zero.
In case the discount code you apply is other than 100% fee off, then you will receive cashback on the fee that you pay us.

Say you have £5 in your wallet and after a successful transfer, you receive £0.40 cashback. This will be added to your wallet and the total balance will be £5.40.

Yes. In the KMoney app Settings, you will be able to see the Wallet option under which you will be able to see how much cashback you have received against each transfer.

KMoney is one of the pioneers who comes up with offers that benefit its loyal and hard working customers. The cashback offer is a way to thank our customers for their loyalty who remit money to Nigeria.

KMoney thanks you for your patronage and is looking forward to serving you.

Please note: Cashback is not paid for incomplete or cancelled transfer.