KMoney Free Health Care – A reward for you and your loved ones too.

Refer a friend and get free access to Health Care services.

"Kmoney is looking beyond saving you 'kobo, kobo'". Join forces with Kmoney to save & elongate Nigerian lives!
With Nigeria facing alarming health challenges, you have the power to make a real impact.

Take advantage of our FREE HEALTHCARE SERVICES and help alleviate the strain on your loved ones back home. By referring your Family & Friends, you're not just spreading the word—you're securing TWO FREE Kmoney HEALTH SERVICES slots for them back home in Nigeria. And it gets even better—your referrals also win a slot for their loved ones! Let's unite and pave the way for accessible healthcare for everyone.

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KMoney Health Care program.

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Health Care Benefits

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How It Works?

1. Share Referral Code

This is your unique referral code. Please copy the code and share with your friends.

2. Invite friends to send money

Share your personal referral code using SMS/Email/WhatsApp/your preferred Social Media. When your friends signs up using your referral code and transfers £100 you will be rewarded.

3. Get Access

We will add 2 slots of ‘KMoney Health Care’ to your account for each successful referral. You can add your Loved Ones to ‘Kmoney Health Care’ into these slots.