Admin 14 July, 2022

We Value the Discounts

It is a well-established fact that inflation is on the rise and prices of all commodities are soaring. As a result, the common public is finding it difficult to fit everything...

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Admin 15 June, 2022

Yoga for Humanity

International Day of Yoga (IDY) is celebrated across the globe on 21st June, coinciding with the summer solstice. It was proposed by India and supported by a record...

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Admin 18 May, 2022

Nigeria – A Superpower of Future

Nigeria is the most populated African country. The roots of civilization in Nigeria can be traced back to 15th century BC. The origin of the modern state of Nigeria...

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Admin 29 April, 2022

Ramadan Mubarak

It is believed that the Holy Quran was disclosed to the world to guide human beings to differentiate right from wrong in the month of Ramadan...

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Admin 27 March, 2022

Happy Mothers Day – Send Naira to Nigeria

Come March, and we are reminded of the importance of women in our lives with the International Day of Women...

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Admin 09 February, 2022

5 Best Gift Options For HER

Are you looking for the best gift option for your wife or girlfriend? If so, you may be wondering how to transfer money from the UK to Nigeria. Luckily, there's a great option available to you.

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Admin 13 January, 2022

Nigerian Cuisine in the UK

In recent years, Nigerian cuisine has been gaining popularity in the UK. This is likely due to the increasing number of Nigerians living in the country and the growing interest in African cuisine more generally.

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Admin 20 December, 2021

Will UK Beat Omicron to Save Holiday Season?

As Omicron continues to spread around the world, celebrating the holiday season has become a question. The highly mutated variant of COVID-19 has sparked its...

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Admin 27 November, 2021

How to Get Ready for Christmas 2021?

It might be too early to do anything for Christmas, but now is the time to get ready for the holidays! Getting ready for the Christmas holidays has never been easier.

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